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As our patients attempt to pave the way towards a brighter future free of alcohol and drug use or abuse, Harbortown Treatment Center assists by addressing individual needs. Our primary focus is to ensure our clients’ receive the highest level of treatment in a safe and secure environment.


Harbortown Treatment Center
Individual Outpatient Treatment

Since everyone is not a candidate for residential drug rehabilitation, we offer Individual Outpatient Treatment. Similar to residential programs, outpatient treatment focuses on helping individuals to abstain from drug and alcohol usage for the rest of their lives.

We set long-term attainable goals for our clients. These goals are achieved in a variety of ways within the outpatient treatment model. We gear the outpatient treatment towards each client’s needs. For example, some clients’ require a regular weekly session based on educational or counseling programs; while others require a shorter treatment which may last for 30 minutes per session a few times a week. And yet some may require a full day of treatment several times a week.

Please note: Our all day treatment program is more intense and appropriate for individuals who need a greater level of care and guidance as they attempt to rehabilitate from substance or alcohol use and or abuse.

Although there are differences between residential and individual outpatient programs, the goal is always the same�to help individuals recover from substance use or abuse � be it drugs or alcohol with the final outcome in mind to re-enter into society as value added citizens who are positive contributors within their communities.

Adult Groups: Treatment Readiness

When individuals enter treatment for substance abuse, there is a likelihood they may not be mentally prepared for the changes they are about to endure.

When they are not mentally prepared to engage in the treatment process, it becomes a barrier to their success. Therefore, Harbortown Treatment Center Treatment Readiness group is designed to properly prepare individuals for their treatment.

Within this group one of our goals is to assist patients in the thought process as it relates to the motivations governing their decisions when attempting to change their behavior in a more positive manner.

In doing so, we utilize several concepts, including cognitive strategies to engage patients in discussions of what motivates them and their behavior.

This group also assists patients in identifying the extent of their substance abuse problem through different self exploration exercises and educational information. Then, we have the group detail what some of their expectations for treatment might be and how to address issues as they arise during the treatment process.

Medication Assisted Treatment

The primary goal of Medicated Assisted Treatment is to provide monitored medication such as liquid methadone coupled with counseling and rehabilitative services to patients with opiate dependencies.

This treatment is geared towards individuals who have been addicted to some type of opiates such as: Vicodin, Oxycontin and Heroin or some other equally as addictive opiate for at least one year.

We closely monitor patients with a well-trained and compassionate medical and clinical staff. Recognizing this is a comprehensive program based in an outpatient setting we have taken the extra mile to ensure the safety of our patients.

Our facility is state-of-art and fully equipped to assist patients in developing the necessary skills to recover while utilizing methadone to address their physical needs as it relates to their body’s dependency on opiates.

In addition, Harbortown Treatment Center staff seeks to coordinate our treatment services with other agencies where our patients may be receiving further assistance. If at any time, our clinical staff determines a patients’ needs are greater; we will refer them to the appropriate community agency/facility where they will receive the proper care.

Our ultimate hope is patients are able to once again become productive citizens of the community, while in some instances re-establishing and maintaining positive relationships with family and friends.

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