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Caring for you as we would our own families

Our goal is to become a significant part of the solution and partner with you in creating a "Drug Free" lifestyle and environment.

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Welcome to Harbortown
Treatment Center

We are here to help you or a loved one battle the addiction and recapture your hope and belief in creating a happy and healthy lifestyle.

We provide a warm, inviting and safe environment where goals are set and relationships are built. It is our responsibility to educate you on the effects of substance abuse and steer you on the road to recovery.

Our goal is to become a significant part of the solution and partner with you in creating a “Drug Free” lifestyle and environment.


Our Services

How can we help?

Our outpatient services play a key role in your road to recovery. When you enter our facility you are greeted by loving and caring people who strive to work with you in removing the fog of addiction. Our staff is equipped with qualified professionals who also understand the importance of a more humanistic approach.

Why choose Habortown Treatment Center?

Habortown Treatment Center assists by addressing individual needs. Our primary focus is to ensure our clients’ receive the highest level of treatment in a safe and secure environment.

Individual Outpatient Treatment

focuses on helping individuals to abstain from drug and alcohol usage for the rest of their lives.

Adult Groups: Treatment Readiness

relates to the motivations governing their decisions when attempting to change their behavior in a more positive manner.

Medication Assisted Treatment

to provide monitored medication such as liquid methadone coupled with counseling and rehabilitative services to patients with opiate dependencies.

Women's Life Skills

came about from an increase in requests from our patients to facilitate a women-only substance abuse group.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

is still highly regarded as the preferred method for people with stimulant use disorders today.

Relapse Prevention

patients become better equipped with the necessary skills to successfully navigate through the immediate recovery process.

WHy Us?
Headquaters: Harbortown Treatment Center

Address: 1022 E. Main Street
P.O. Box 929
Benton Harbor, MI 49022



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